Dear Dharma Friend!

We have reached our goal of hundred million of Guru Rinpoche Mantra today, (SIDI DUNGDRUP) 15 May 2020, but we still will be doing recitations until 22 May – we are doing additional mantras in case we missed the total recitation of hundred million, which is known as “khakong” in Tibetan.

On 23 May Saga Dawa starts; as you know this one of the most holy months in our tradition, and in order to make the most of this lock down period, we will continue to practise and pray until the end of Saga Dawa on the next full moon, June 5.

On the following dates we will recite these different mantras:
23 and 24 May, Avalokiteshvara mantra.
25 and 26 May, Amitabha mantra.
27 and 28 May, Tara Mantra.
29 and 30 May, Parnasavari mantra.
31 May and 1 June, Medicine Budda mantra
2 and 3 June, Lord Buddha mantra.
4 and 5 June, Guru Tsokbum, accumulating hundred thousand tsok offering to Guru Rinpoche.

Please send in your mantra accumulations as usual.

This will be the last day of our 72 days reciting a hundred million Guru Rinpoche mantra and other mantras. The Palyul Centre UK has requested the three great Khenchens of Namdroling, together with Khentul Gyangkhang Rinpoche and Mugsang Kuchen Rinpoche, to dedicate all merit achieved through our recitations on the auspicious final day of Saga Dawa. We have also requested the monastery to perform the enriching fire puja through Lama Rigzen Dupa, to light one thousand butter lamps and to make tsok offerings for us on that day.

May all sentient beings enjoy happiness and the causes of happiness!
May they be free from suffering and the causes of suffering!
May they never be separated from the sacred happiness devoid of suffering!
And may they dwell in boundless equanimity that is free from attachment and aversion!

Palyul Centre U.K. ??


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