Long Life Empowerment of Guru Rinpoche and Lutor Prayer with Ven. Pema Rinpoche and Acharya Lopon Dawa, 3 January 2016

Guru Rinpoche – Tsokye Dorje (the Lake-Born Vajra)

Dear friends,

we are happy to announce that on Sunday, January 3rd, 2016, from 10:30 – 17:00 an auspicious event will take place at Palyul Center UK!

Ven. Pema Rinpoche (Khen Rinpoche Pema Choephel) will grant the Long Life Empowerment of Padmasambhava – The Tsewang of Konchok Chidu or “Gathering of All Precious Jewels”. 

Lutor Offerings

This precious empowerment confers Guru Rinpoche’s most profound blessings for long life and freedom from obstacles. Konchok Chidu, meaning “Embodiment of the Precious Ones” or “Essence of the Supreme Jewels,” is a terma cycle revealed by Jatson Nyingpo (1585 to 1656).

The morning programm (10:30 – 12:30) includes the Lutor Prayer for removing the obsticles in the new year. The Guru Rinpoche Long Life Empowerment will be bestowed in the afternoon (14:00-16:00).

Free Admission / Donation based

For more information, please contact:



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