Reflections on impermanence – evening event

As Autumn arrives, we look back at things we have done in the past summer.  We may also be looking forward to a cold winter, and planning things to do in the coming summer, or even beyond!

Let’s consider this Autumn, all the trees’ leaves falling yellow and beautiful, things changing around us, and let us sit down together to contemplate impermanence.

The Palyul Centre UK invites you to an “impermanence evening” on Friday 20 October from 7pm to 9pm; we would like you to write a poem related to impermanence which you may experience in your life, no more than between ten and twenty words, which we would like to share together.  It’s a free event open to all, and we look forward to seeing you all and hearing your impressions of impermanence! If you are interested, please contact us.

This event sets the scene for the forthcoming course on The Words of My Perfect Teacher.


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